Vilnius University Botanical Garden (VUBG) was founded in 1781. Since then historical circumstances has led to Botanical Garden being moved several times from one location to another. Today the Garden resides in two areas, Vingis Park and Kairėnai Estate, and is not only the largest in Lithuania (with combined total area of 199 hectares) but also have the most numerous collections of plants: growing here are about 10,000 taxa of plants belonging to 220 families and 1120 genera. Largest and most impressive collections are those of rhododendrons, lilacs, lianas, peonies, dahlias and bulb flowers. Both Kairėnai and Vingis are cultural heritage sites as at their times both housed wealthy estates, of which some buildings still remains to this day. In Kairėnai, part of the former estate together with an Old Park and ponds survived through centuries and is adapted for the enjoyment of the visitors. Various cultural events (concerts, art exhibitions, seminars) take place in the Garden throughout the year. In addition to exploring the rich plant collections of VUBG, attractions such as horse riding or carriage ride are being offered, venue hire is available. Individual visitors are welcome at VUBG where illustrated guidebooks are at hand and well-developed information system allows finding the way around the Garden with ease. Guide-led tours in English can be arranged as well. Recreational and picnic areas are also available to visitors.